Liege waffle mix (25kg)

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The Liege waffle mix is a combination of ready-made dry ingredients for the preparation of authentic Liege waffles.

Finding your own recipe takes a lot of time and effort. By using this mix, you can quickly make a quality sugar waffle. Add the few ingredients needed to have a fresh home-made waffle : butter (or margarine), yeast (fresh or chemical) and pearl sugar. You will obtain a traditional Liege waffle.

This mix bag does not include the pearl sugar! The specific sugar for waffles is also available on our site. You add it at the last stage of the recipe to keep a maximum of crunch after cooking and choose the quantity of sugar that best suits the taste of your customers.
If you are looking for the right pearl sugar, it is available on the product sheet.

The mix has been developed to obtain an optimal result even abroad.

If you don’t need such a large quantity, have a look at the box ingredients L’Atelier de Mady. It includes everything you need in 1 box.



  • Packaging : 25kg bag
  • Shelf life: 12 months from date of production
  • Ingredients to add: mix, butter, yeast, water and pearl sugar

Estimate production

Estimation based on 25kg of mix:

  • If 60g dough: 950 waffles (i.e. 38 waffles/kg of mix)
  • If 80g dough: 725 waffles (i.e. 29 waffles/kg of mix)
  • If 100g dough: 575 waffles (i.e. 23 waffles/kg of mix)
  • If 120g dough: 475 waffles (i.e. 19 waffles/kg of mix)



  • Liege waffle mix : 1000 g
  • Water : 375 g
  • Yeast : 60 g
  • Butter (or margarine) : 400 g
  • Pearl sugar C40 : between 350g and 460g


  1. Mix the water, yeast and Liege waffle mix.
  2. Add and mix in the butter until you have a homogeneous dough.
  3. Without kneading too much, add the C40 pearl sugar.
    Tip: the ideal temperature for the dough is ± 27°C.
  4. Divide and form dough pieces (balls of dough): from 70 grams to 120 grams.
  5. Leave the dough pieces to rise at room temperature for 60 minutes. They should double in size.
    Tip: if using a proofing room, +/- 60 min. at 29°C – 85% RH.


  • Cooking temperature: ± 180°C.
  • Baking time: ± 2 min 30

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