Pearl sugar (25kg)

93,82  VAT Included

Pearl sugar C40 is a suitable size for the production of Liège waffles (sugar waffles). It makes the Liege waffles deliciously crispy, crunchy and caramelised.

This ingredient can be stored very easily and is not subject to a minimum durability date.

This is a 25 kg bag of pearl sugar from the world’s leading pearl sugar manufacturer Couplet Sugars.
This quality sugar is used in the majority of Liege waffles enjoyed throughout the world.



  • Packaging: 25kg bag
  • Sugar size: 6 to 9.5mm (recommended for Liege waffles)
  • Storage conditions: 12-30°C – Avoid thermal shocks – Maximum humidity: 65%
  • Shelf life: being in the category of sugars in solid state, it is not subject to mentioning a minimum durability date.

Estimate production

25kg of pearl sugar allows you to make the following quantities:

  • If 130g piece of dough: ± 1000 waffles
  • If 100g piece of dough : ± 1250 waffles
  • If 80g piece of dough: ± 1560 waffles
  • If 60g piece of dough: ± 2000 waffles

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